One of my favourite breakfast options to get when I’m out at cafe is porridge. Sometimes there is nothing better on a freezing cold day than to have a warm and flavoursome meal. I tend to choose my food options depending on how I am feeling on the day, what other meals I will likely be consuming and of course depending on the weather!

This cafe The Grindstone, is one of my new discoveries and really convenient to eat at as it is attached to a barber. My husband and I have breakfast together and then he walks around the corner to get his hair cut whilst I remain at the cafe with an almond latte and wait for him. Talk about a great concept for a business!

Anyway this porridge was not only so beautiful to look at but tasted even more amazing. I was also really hungry after doing my workout that morning so it really didn’t last long! This porridge had a really nice balance between the sweet and savoury elements. I personally don’t mind more savoury tasting things as I have never really had the biggest sweet tooth. So this meal was perfect because the porridge itself was more savoury and the fruits and date crumble on top were a great addition to making it a touch more sweet.



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