Ok, so I have absolutely nothing bad or constructive to say about this cafe as it was just AMAZING in every aspect!! After one of my gorgeous friends introduced me to this cafe, Serotonin, after winning a brunch for two, I have been dreaming of returning back to this place to relive the wonderful experience.

I decided today would be the perfect opportunity to go back to Serotonin, as my friend who was visiting from Townsville, is a vegan and said being a vegan in Townsville is so hard as there are only limited options for eating out (and none very good). I knew immediately that she would fall in LOVE with this cafe because it caters to vegans and many other dietary requirements.

I think it’s safe to say that I was right, as she was genuinely shocked at all the vegan options on the menu and how delicious they all sounded! After turning the poor waitress away twice because we were so slow and indecisive in choosing what to order, we finally decided on the Galaxy Acai Bowl!!! And yes, we both ended up ordering the exact same meals (drinks and all)!! In case you were interested, the description of what was included in this bowl is below:

Dairy + sugar free acai ice-cream topped w hazelnut, buckwheat + dried fruit granola, served with a house-made peanut butter + coconut magnum

It was even better than how it sounds in this description!! The acai had the perfect balance in taste as it wasn’t too sweet or tangly (sometimes I find berries can be a little sour), and the dried fruit granola was just the most delicious addition! It was both smooth and cold, yet crunchy and full of texture! I personally love a few different textures in my food (FYI baklava is my favourite sweet and has so many textures) as it makes each mouthful really enjoyable and also makes me slow down when eating (sometimes when I have a smoothie, I literally drink it in 30 seconds and then it’s over…). The little banana and coconut magnum was also so good and gave the dish a little extra flavour  – and it was fun to eat!

So in addition to enjoying this bowl, we both also ordered a “dirty” ginger bread latte, which was so flavoursome and something completely different to anything I have had before. The ingredients in it are listed below, but we also added a shot of espresso coffee to make it “dirty”:

An original sweet and smooth house-made recipe, with organic nutmeg, peppercorn, blackstrap molasses, allspice berries, cloves + fresh ginger

Lastly I just wanted to also mention that the staff at this cafe are the most accomodating and lovely people I have come across in ages. The waitress who served us had the sweetest personality and made us both feel super comfortable (even after we were so indecisive and had to ask her twice for more to review the menu). Overall my friend and I both had an amazing brunch, and for me, it was another wonderful experience at this exceptional cafe!


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