This wasn’t my planned first fitness blog post, however it has turned out to be the most relevant at this time in my life. I really wanted to emphasise the importance of listening to your body when it comes to fitness, as exercise puts a huge strain on your muscles and bones, and if not addressed, may either lead to an injury or a plateau. Therefore, I think it’s really important that we try to recognise when our body’s are telling us that they are either under too much stress or perhaps in need of a change in routine.

I have experienced both types of consequences mentioned above as a result of ignoring the signs my body was showing me. I think in some way we are all victims of this as we generally don’t want to admit when something in our lives needs to be altered and are typically all creatures of habit! Furthermore, making the decision to change your current routine (whether that be fitness related or something else) can be very daunting and can cause quite a bit of anxiety for some. I thought I would share both of my personal examples of this with you all:


As much as it may be hard to admit, when you are no longer seeing results this may be a likely indicator that your body has become accustom to your current workout routine and thus, needs to be shaken up! I have come across this situation multiple times as I feel my body adapts to an exercise style very quickly and then gets too familiar with it after a few months. Sometimes this gets really frustrating because I genuinely enjoy my workout routines and don’t really want to change things up, but in order to keep progressing and getting the results I desire, it MUST be done! Since beginning my fitness instagram, I have tried a range of different programs (BBG, Sweat Believe Roar, Sweat It To Shred It), added strength training, increased/reduced cardio training, changed the amount of rests days I take, and incorporated different HIIT workouts, to name a few. Changing up my workout routine has been really beneficial for me in more than just the physical aspect. It has also kept me motivated, challenged and happy; as I know the changes I am making will ultimately get me the results I want!

My current workout routine at the moment is something completely different to what I have done before but I can tell my body is loving the variation as I am feeling great and overall more confident. I am planning to write a blog post in more detail regarding my current workout routine, but for now I can tell you that I am not strictly following any specific workout guide. I am doing what is best for me at the moment and that is doing some random challenging workouts from different guides and resources, with the addition of incorporating one session a week dedicated purely to weights and strength training. I have never been a weights girl, however I know how beneficial they are for muscle growth and bone strength so I decided it was important for me to include it each week.

So if you are struggling to see progress in one way or another, perhaps try changing things up ever now and then. Keeping your body guessing is what will help you to avoid reaching a plateau and becoming unmotivated to reach your goals!

IMG_1091 2



This is one area I really struggle with when it comes to listening to my body. For example, I have been ignoring a niggling injury in my foot (I’m pretty sure I have the symptoms of plantar fasciitis) for about a month now which I know is not good but I have chosen to ignore it because I don’t want to stop my current workout regime. So it’s not that I don’t want to fix the problem but more so that I am afraid my progress will decline if I take a week or more off. Actually writing this out now makes me think of how ridiculous my mentality has been as it’s likely that if I continue to push myself I may then be forced to take months off, rather than weeks, if my injury gets worse! I know this mentality is quite common among people who are very fitness oriented, so I wanted to share my thoughts and encourage you to take a break and give your body the rest it needs. One week off won’t ruin all your progress and might actually benefit other parts of your body as well. Rest and recovery is crucial in getting results and lets face it, we are all human and can’t be functioning at 100% forever! I know I need to remember my own words and do the same.

So perhaps the next time your body might be telling you something either through pain or a lack of progress, maybe it’s time to listen to it and change things up a bit ♡





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