Is there really any meal better than breakfast?!! 😍 I don’t know about you, but I ALWAYS wake up super excited for it!!! Yesterday my husband treated to me breakfast out as part of my birthday celebrations before heading off to the Australian Open. He was so sweet to let me choose the place I wanted to go to because I know my love for healthy food isn’t always his first choice when searching for a cafe…  luckily for him, I made a great choice because everything about Seedling Cafe was amazing! 🙌🏼

First of all I have to mention how lovely and welcoming all the staff were at the cafe. As soon as we entered they greeted us with huge smiles and had bubbly personalities, which made us feel really happy to be there. Once we were seated we ordered our coffees and looked over the menu to decide what to order. I just have to say that one thing I LOVE about a cafe that offers paleo, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and nut free options, is that they have so many choices for milk alternatives!! It’s the best feeling ever to be able to order a latte without having to first say “umm do you have almond milk?” and with them usually replying “umm no sorry, but we have soy” (which I’m not the biggest fan of.. plus, it’s definitely no almond milk!!). So my experience there already started off so good as my coffee order was there (those of you who follow my instagram know how much I LOVE almond lattes). In addition to this, our coffees came out at the perfect temperate, looked gorgeous and tasted delicious! If you are from Melbourne, you probably relate to my love of a good coffee in the morning before starting the day.

Now on to the breakfast… the menu was incredible!! Again it’s not often I look at a menu and can order something from it without having to make a few alterations (i.e. no cheese!). Everything on the menu was something I liked, which I guess, actually made it quite difficult to choose what I wanted to eat. I ended up picking the paleo porridge for a few reasons; one, it’s something other than eggs and sautéed greens I usually order; two, at that time of the morning it was quite fresh outside and therefore felt like something a little warming; and three, I needed something filling because I wasn’t sure when I was going to get a chance to eat lunch as we were heading off to the tennis after. All I can say is that I made the BEST decision!!! The paleo porridge was thick (how I like it), full of flavour and filling!! I also loved how the cafe provided me with some extra plant based milk as it gave the porridge an extra creaminess. The description of the porridge below says it all…

P A L E O P O R R I D G E 
Quinoa | cashew meal | coconut | almond milk | granola | banana | rice malt | cinnamon | berry compote | coconut yoghurt P | GF | DF | V*

All those flavours together were incredible! I particularly loved the coconut yoghurt on the porridge and usually add it myself if I make it at home. Just today, I found out that this cafe actually use my all time FAVOURITE brand of coconut yoghurt, Born Cultured, in their meals (I love absolutely love their yoghurt so I’ll have to write a blog post about it at some stage too). If you try this yoghurt you will understand what I mean…

So, my husband also made a great choice with his breakfast as he ended up having the homemade granola which he surprisingly loved! It was the same granola which was part of my meal and was honestly super delicious – I think you can even buy it from the cafe to take home, which I was so tempted to do! Anyway, I always say when you can win my husband over with healthy food, then you know the food must be beyond amazing!!!

So overall I would recommend this cute little cafe if you love healthy food and are looking for quality in presentation, taste, atmosphere, customer services and even location! This cafe is definitely a favourite of mine and if I lived closer to the city I’d be there so much more often that’s for sure!




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