Just like one unhealthy meal won’t make you gain 100kg, one healthy meal won’t make you instantly skinny. In simple terms, if you want to see results then you need to be consistent with your diet and exercise. In my opinion consistency is key in getting the results you are after, whether that be gaining muscle, loosing weight, increasing flexibility etc. It’s like when your parents use to tell you that practise makes perfect. I believe the same goes for achieving any goal. In terms of diet and exercise, if you keep repeating a routine long enough, then your body will learn and adapt to what you are teaching it to do. As hard as it can be to hear sometimes, you can’t expect to get results or be the best at something if you don’t continually work at it. This is why I am a firm believer that if you are generally very consistent with your fitness journey, then you will undoubtedly see progress overtime. In addition, depending on your goals and how you decide to change your current lifestyle, will indicate the speed of your results. This doesn’t matter though, as living a healthy life is about creating a lifestyle change and therefore is not considered a race! Take all the time you need to adjust to it, just please be consistent in doing so 🙌🏼.

I like to remind myself that with every healthy meal and workout I am one step closer to achieving my goals. For some reason this makes me really motivated to keep going and remain consistent!! Now I know this is sometimes easier said than done, but I want to tell you that you CAN do it. If your goal is important enough to you, then you need to make it a priority and keep working at it no matter what! Yes there will be times when you are unable to stick to your usual routine but for the most part if you are consistent in your methods for achieving your goals, I promise… YOU WILL GET THERE!
I wanted to share with you all a few things I have learnt on my fitness journey which I feel are quite important to understand, and if desired, can be implemented into your life as well. Just remember that something good rarely comes easy and you do need to work hard at things in order to get what you want in life. Whenever I get discouraged and feel so far from my goals, there are 3 things I remember which help me stay consistent:

➀ If it was easy then everyone would do it. I try to think about the fact that I am doing this particular task to make myself better and that it is meant to be challenging! I get excited by the idea that by eating a healthy meal or getting up early for a workout each day, is contributing to me growing and developing as an individual. I am always searching for ways to improve myself.

➁ Be proud of what I have achieved so far (even if it’s just taking the first step towards a new goal) and remember why I started. Reflecting on past experiences and feelings is so beneficial to your progress as it allows you to see how far you have come and what changes you have been able to make to get to where you are now. It can also show you where you struggled and how you were able to overcome those situations which is particularly helpful if you are confronted with a similar situation again. I reflect constantly in order to ensure I am doing things the best way possible and learning from my mistakes (according to what suits me).

➂ Lastly, I always try to remember that I am not perfect and I will inevitably slip up; skip workouts and indulge in unhealthy food. But despite all that, I still choose to love myself regardless. It’s so important to forgive yourself when you stray from your routine as you will not be able to progress any further with a negative mindset. If you are dieting and exercising for the wrong reasons, then you will more than likely regress and become very unmotivated to continue in time.

Living a healthy lifestyle is something that you want to be maintainable and thus relatively easy to follow. When I say that I choose to live a healthy lifestyle, then in reality, my key point of being consistent is actually already implemented into my daily routine. Making a decision to work towards a goal is similar to making a commitment, and when you are committed to something then it takes effort and dedication to maintain. It’s the same with living a healthy life, if you are consistent then it means you are committed and then nothing can stop you from reaching your goals!! ♡
So I’m setting my alarm for 6:30am tomorrow to workout, and you know what, I’ll be getting up around the same time the day after to workout as well.


I hope you found this a little helpful and inspiring! Wishing you all the best with your journeys and future goals.
Dianna xox

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