I am a huge advocate for living a healthy life! Ever since I made the decision to take care of my body and treat it with the respect and love it deserves, I have never looked back. In the pages under this category I want to share with you how I live what I believe, is a balanced and healthy lifestyle. I am in no means perfect and will always be open to learning new things along my health and fitness journey because I think the moment you choose to stop learning, you tend to lead a very dull life. So my plan is to keep updating this blog as I continue to develop my knowledge in these areas.

I’ve decided to seperate the elements which make up my healthy life into a few sections:

1. Recipes

Part of living a healthy life is based on the food you consume. Being Greek, I tend to love food and all that comes with it, however as I’ve begun living a healthier lifestyle, I soon learnt that I had to change a few things. One thing I am sure of is that everything tastes 100 time better if it’s presented nicely! In this section I included my own healthy recipes which I personally love and make on a regular basis. They are all made with wholesome nutritious foods, contain no refined sugar, or any chemicals. Many of these recipes can also be altered for vegans and for those who are gluten intolerant.

2. Cafes & food reviews

This is probably one of my favourite sections as it forms a huge part of my life! If you follow my instagram then you would probably be familiar with my love for cafes. I tend to eat out quite at bit as both my husband and I are blessed to be able to work a lot from home. We always try to go out once a week for a meal so we can spend some quality time together and just enjoy each others company. I also like to go to a cafe on my own, bring my laptop, order an almond latte, and do a few hours of work to get me out of my home environment. So I thought this section would be interesting for you to see what I order when I am out and how I always try to make healthy choices whenever possible. Perhaps from reading some of my blogs you may also like to go to one of these amazing cafes yourself!

3. Health and lifestyle tips

Something I know I personally love reading on other peoples social media accounts is their health, fitness, lifestyle and travel tips! I also feel so empowered after reading them and immediately try to think how I can incorporate what they suggest into my life. I’m always on a mission to improving myself, growing as an individual, and just striving to be the best version of myself all year round. I hope you find my tips just as inspiring as I do!

4. Favourite products

Finding healthy products can sometimes be challenging when you are just starting out on living a healthy lifestyle. Over my journey I have tried many different healthy products, some good…. and some not so good…. But you live and learn! To make your lives a little easier I have included the products which I personally find the best to have on hand when living a healthy life. I hope to keep adding to this section as I continue to try the newest and most healthy things out there!

5. Inspirational bloggers/health influencers

This section partly formed my inspiration for creating this blog. Each one of these bloggers, has influenced the way I life my life and therefore wanted to not only acknowledge them, but also share them with you. Some of these bloggers I have been following for what feels like forever and others I have only recently come across. Either way, I feel each of them deserves a place here on my blog as they are great references for you too ♡

I hope through these elements of my journey you too find the passion for living a healthy lifestyle.

Wishing you all the best with your own journeys xoxo